The ARTAS iX System

Fast. Accurate. Safe. Highly Effective Hair Loss Treatment

The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure

The ARTAS Robotic Procedure was designed with you in mind. Developed with leading hair transplant physicians and researchers, this state-of-the-art technology was created to eliminate the guesswork and fatigue associated with manual handheld methods, along with the scarring, complications and downtime of existing invasive surgical techniques.

This FDA-cleared, physician-assisted technology provides permanent, natural-looking results without the plugs, pain and stitches associated with traditional hair transplants.

State-Of-The-Art Hair Loss Solutions

Predictable Results

ARTAS Hair Studio’s 3D modeling software lets you design and preview your before and after results at your consultation appointment.


ARTAS Artificial Intelligence™ algorithms are used to identify and select your prime hair for harvesting.

Robotic Accuracy

Using the latest technology in hair restoration, the ARTAS robotic system provides patients the most effective results.


See Potential Results BEFORE Your Procedure – ARTAS Hair Studio® Technology

We hear it all the time – “How will I look after my procedure?”. Up until now, hair restoration patients and hair restoration doctors could only imagine how results would look. Now, with the introduction of the groundbreaking ARTAS Hair Studio technology, you no longer have to wonder!

During the consultation, Dr. McLelland will use the ARTAS Hair Studio technology to create a customized hair transplant design as a 3D-model based on your personal photographs.

Different aesthetic outcomes require different graft numbers, distribution and placement of your transplanted hair. Using ARTAS Hair Studio, you will see the optimal number of grafts and hairline design needed to meet your expectations. No guessing is required. Together you can make a decision based on your needs and Dr. McLelland recommendations.

ARTAS Robotic Harvesting

Minimally invasive robotic harvesting is a state-of-the-art, proprietary hair transplantation advancement available exclusively with the ARTAS Robotic Procedure. ARTAS Artificial Intelligence™ algorithms are used to identify and select your prime hair for harvesting, while maintaining the appearance of your donor area – all under the control of Dr. McLelland. These capabilities are available only with the ARTAS® Robotic System. Other hair transplant techniques cannot offer these highly sophisticated technological advancements.

Your Donor Area

The donor area consists of an area on the back and sides of your head where hair is not affected by the hormone that causes male pattern baldness. This is permanently growing hair and when transplanted to your balding areas, continues to grow as it did before it was transplanted. It is important to ensure your donor area will look unblemished and your harvested area will look undetectable.

Your donor area is just as important as your transplant area. After your hair grows in where it was trimmed for your ARTAS® Robotic Procedure, your donor area should look intact and undetectable. A long scar or patchy looking donor area is an undesirable giveaway that you have had a hair transplant. You want your outcome to look undetectable. Your friends, family, loved ones and business associates should just think you look better, revitalized and more refreshed, without your procedure being obvious.

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