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The Liberty Hair Center - Spokane Washington

Liberty Hair Restoration Doctor

Our Doctor

Dr. Bryan McLelland

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

As a Oral and Facial Surgeon who fixes gun shot wounds to the face and baseball bats to the eye sockets, jaws, frontal sinus, cheek bones and more I was interested to see ARTAS and the robotic hair restoration in action. I was first interested for personal reason since I am follicularily challenged myself! Once I saw the robot and the capabilities I was hooked. The training for this was fantastic not only for me but for my entire team. I had my own personal mentor and during on first five clinic days we had completed five separate hair transplantation procedures without any issues! Our patients are excited and the team excited as well. ARTAS is helping us fill heads full of their own hair for the Inland Northwest and beyond!